Uc dissertation fellowship


Research Fellowships The GSGA Research Fellowship (RF) is a competitive award designed to assist graduate students in furthering their research endeavors. Students may use the Research Fellowship to fund travel related to their research or to purchase research-related materials.

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  • No teaching or research employment at UC or elsewhere.
  • The programs and nominators are responsible for submitting all requested materials for the fellowship.
  • Programs will NOT be notified if materials are missing and the nominee will NOT be allowed to add anything missing or update materials after the deadline.
  • Nominations are limited to one from each doctoral program and are made by the graduate program director in consultation with program faculty.
  • Student submission of plans up to two pages for the dissertation work during the fellowship year, including a approximate date of dissertation defense and graduation term and b number of credits still required to complete the degree before the start of the proposed academic year.
  • Fellowship Responsibilities Register full-time 12 credits or more for fall and spring semester, —
  • No teaching or research employment at UC or elsewhere.
  • Nominations should not include those who will graduate prior to summer term , nor those who are ineligible for funding in fall or spring due to the graduate credit rule.